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国际大学生研究计划课题降序排列 单位 开始时间 结束时间
(1) Characterizing low-latitude ionospheric scintillations using multiple sensors and their impacts on Chinese Beidou Navigation Satellite System (2) Oceanic atmospheric water vapor monitoring using shipborne and remote sensing satellite multiple sensor d Department of Land Surveying & Geo-Informatics (LSGI) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) Flexible Flexible
Analyzing active‐source data above Homestake Mine Caltech June 6, 2016
Atmosphere-land process and its chemistry in climate models and related topics University of Tennessee 07/01/2016 08/31/2016
Biomarker Study of Modern Altiplano Lake Sediments Summons Lab, EAPS Department July 1st, 2015 August 31st, 2015
Carbon isotope fractionation between iron carbides and Fe-C melt under high pressure and high temperature conditions Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology 7/18/2016 9/9/2016
Characterization of Coronal Loops from Remote-sensing Images Dept. of Space Science, The Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville June 15, 2015 Sept. 15, 2015
Cloud Formation in the Atmosphere of Jupiter University of California Santa Cruz 07/01/2016 08/31/2016
Detecting seismic anomalies in the deepest mantle University of Southern California June or August 2016 July 1 or Sept 1
Development of a new gas mixture thermal demagnetizer Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT ~ 06/27/2016 ~ 08/19/2016
Development of a New Method to Investigate the Mechanisms of Deep Earthquakes Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles July 1st, 2016 August 31st , 2016
Development of EPIC Cloud Algorithms for NASA DSCOVR mission Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, State University of New York at Albany Mid-June Mid-Sept
Did the 2015 Nepal Earthquake destabilize glaciers in Himalaya? Earth system Science Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong July 4th, 2016 August 26th, 2016
Elasticity of hydrous phases at high pressures Florida State University July, 2016 September, 2016
Halley Cometary impacts on the mesospheric metal layers and stratospheric ozone depletion School of Chemistry, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT 18 July 2016 2 September 2016
Imaging High-Frequency Rupture Properties of Recent Large Earthquakes using Incoherent Back-projection of Strong-motion Seismic University of Utah June 15, 2016 (flexible) September 1, 2016 (flexible)
Induced seismicity associated with the Hutubi Gas Reservior, Xinjiang Chinese University of Hong Kong July 4th, 2016 Aug. 20th, 2016
InSAR constraints on earthquake cycle physics Caltech June 6, 2016
Investigating short-term glacial dynamics using satellite optical imagery Earth System Science Programme, Chinese University of Hong Kong July 17th, 2015 (tentative) August 28th, 2015
Investigating the formation mechanism of sulfate aerosol in Beijing Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington Early-July Late-August
Investigation of mountain waves from airglow imager Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University flexible flexible