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Prof. Teh-Ru Alex Song--University College London
How magma chamber and volcanic conduit talk to each other? A Tale from long-period tremor activities in Aso volcano, Japan.

Long-period tremors (LPTs) are frequently observed and documented in many active volcanoes around the world, Typically, LPTs are in the period range of 2-100 seconds and total duration of 300 seconds or less. In many instances, LPTs in different volcanic settings are repetitive, but time-invariant in their location, frequency content and waveform shape, suggesting a nondestructive source and providing critical insights into the fluid-dynamic processes operating inside a volcanic system. Among all, the triggering mechanism of LPTs are not well understood. Is LPT activity linked to volcanic degassing or/and magmatic heating? Can we understand magma chamber deformation through LPT activity? Here I will introduce the latest progress from our recent analysis on the 6-year LPTs activities in Aso volcano, one of the most well studied and active volcanoes in the southwest Kyushu, Japan. I will focus on new seismic evidence of chamber-conduit interaction during non-eruptive and eruption period.