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沈奕 博士
Yi Shen was born in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China. Yi received her Bachelor in Acoustics from Nanjing University and her master and PhD in Geophysics from Stanford University, under the supervision of Biondo Biondi. Yi's thesis focuses on seismic attenuation estimation and compensation. Yi is working with Shell, Houston, and is working on seismic imaging in Shell's research group.
Wave-equation migration Q analysis

The goal of this presentation is to understand and quantify the attenuation effects in the subsurface and to create an accurate laterally- and vertically- varying quality factor (Q) model for gas clouds/pockets. Such Q models are used in seismic migration to improve the image quality. Current Q model building performed in data space using ray-based tomography has limitations to produce reliable models. This presentation presents an inversion-based method, wave-equation migration Q analysis (WEMQA), with two major features. First, this method is performed in the image space to reduce noise, focus events, and provide a direct link between Q model perturbations and image perturbations. Second, this method employs wave-equation-based Q tomography to handle the complex wave propagation. The numerical application of WEMQA to the numerical model with Q anomalies demonstrates its feasibility on characterizing Q anomalies, and as consequence, improves the seismic image.