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固体地球物理学术报告通知-20170519 叶玲玲 博士

叶玲玲 博士
Lingling Ye is a postdoctoral scholar at the Caltech Seismological Laboratory, after received her PhD from UC Santa Cruz in 2015. She received her Master in Geophysics from Inst. of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011, and her Bachelor in Geophysics from University of Science and Technology of China in 2008. Her research interests include analysis of seismic waves to investigate the physics of earthquake faulting, evaluation of controlling factors for ground shaking, and structure of the Earth’s deep interior. She has studied shallow and deep earthquake rupture processes using various techniques, such as back-projection imaging, finite-fault slip inversion, and source spectrum analysis. To better understand seismic hazards, she studies strong ground shaking records for individual earthquakes and quantifies site response using teleseismic events. For the deep Earth structure, her primary interest is on imaging structures associated with dynamic processes of subducting lithosphere. She has published more than 30 papers,including one sciense and one science advances (Science Journal) .
Diverse Rupture Processes and Energy Release for Large Deep Earthquakes