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2017-05-22 10:00
杨剑, 2005年毕业于北京大学地球物理系空间物理专业,2009年在美国莱斯大学(Rice University)取得博士学位,2009-2011年在莱斯大学从事博士后研究,之后晋升为研究科学家至今。主要研究方向为地球磁层的数值模拟。
RCM simulations of bimodal transport in Earth’s magnetosphere

 Abstract: Since 1960s, plasma transport in the closed-field line region of Earth's magnetosphere was long thought to be dominated by large-scale sunward convection in the plasma sheet and gradient/curvature drift in the inner magnetosphere. It was thirty years later when scientists discovered a meso-scale transport process, called Bursty Bulk Flows (BBFs), which are now believed as key elements in plasma sheet transport, accounting for the majority of earthward transport of mass, energy, and flux. Studies of individual BBFs or bubbles and statistical analysis of their characteristic features have received much attention. However, their cumulative effects have not been quantitatively determined. In this presentation, I will show computer simulation results using the Rice Convection Model (RCM) to understand how the large-scale convection and the meso-scale injections interplay with each other. I will particularly focus on two questions: (1) what are the integrated effects of many localized bursty flows on average configuration of the plasma sheet and its coupling to the ionosphere? (2) to what extent do they contribute to the storm-time ring current energy? At the end of the presentation, I will also discuss further development of the RCM for better modeling of fast flows.