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Elasticity of hydrous phases at high pressures

Advisor’s Name



Assistant Professor


Florida State University





Research Interests and Current Projects


Interests: Mineral Physics, Crystallography, High-pressure

Project: Constraining Mantle Hydration: Elasticity of Hydrous phases


Title of the URP

Elasticity of hydrous phases at high pressures

URP Host

  Advisor’s Institution          USTC

URP Financial Support

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  Living and Traveling Cost

  Others (please specify): Advisor will provide letter of acceptance to help candidate get VISA.

URP Start Time

July, 2016



September, 2016

Brief Description of the URP

Water in the solid Earth is crucial for sustaining the geodynamic activity of a planet. Water, like other volatile species influences melting and hence lead to geochemical differentiation. Water also influences transport properties including rheology of rocks. Hence it is important to constrain how water is transported in to the deep Earth. How much water is stored in the deep Earth. In order to address these questions, it is important to constrain the physical properties of water bearing minerals, e.g., hydrous phases to decipher the degree of mantle hydration along subducting slabs. Student/s will participate in constraining the elastic properties of hydrous phases.

Requirements for Students

and Prerequisite Courses


Student should have a background in the Earth Sciences with quantitative skills. It will be advantageous if the student has worked in laboratory and/or has analyzed data.