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Did the 2015 Nepal Earthquake destabilize glaciers in Himalaya?

Advisor’s Name



Assistant Professor


Earth system Science Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong





Research Interests and Current Projects


Cryosphere Geophysics;


Remote Sensing;

Interactions of the solid earth with the atmosphere, the ocean, and the cryosphere


Title of the URP

Did the 2015 Nepal Earthquake destabilize glaciers in Himalaya?

URP Host

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URP Start Time

July 4th, 2016



August 26th, 2016

Brief Description of the URP

The Gorkha earthquake occurred in April 2015 caused strong ground shaking and devastating damages in Nepal. It also triggered avalanches in Mount Everest region. This project will exploit satellite optical images (e.g., from Landsat) to test a hypothesis that this earthquake destabilized glaciers in the nearby Himalayan ranges. The student will map and compare glacier velocity before and after the earthquake and detect glacial changes. The student will further investigate spatial and temporal patterns of these changes and probe the underlying physical mechanisms that relate ground shaking with glacial dynamics.

Requirements for Students

and Prerequisite Courses

Some programming experience (Matlab or similar)

Good communication skills in English