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Subsurface imaging using a dense three-component geophone array

Advisor’s Name



Assistant Professor


University of Utah





Research Interests and Current Projects

The research interests include seismic tomography and seismic interferometry. The current research projects include Yellowstone magmatic and hydrothermal system, detail imaging of the fault zone structure, imaging structure from surface to core using USArray.

Title of the URP

Subsurface imaging using a dense three-component geophone array

URP Host

  Advisor’s Institution          USTC

URP Financial Support

  No       Living Cost       Traveling Cost    

  Living and Traveling Cost

  Others (please specify): up to $500 travel support from Univ Utah

URP Start Time





Brief Description of the URP

The University of Utah recently acquired a 96-node 3-component geophone system and has been conducting experiment at various different locations (e.g. Yellowstone, Southern California, Nevada, and central Utah). The recent develop on seismic interferometry has now allowed detail shallow crustal structure to be imaged with passive data collected through a dense array deployment. The proposed summer research project for the undergraduate student is to learn and improve the current ambient noise imaging methodology and study detailed crustal structure at one of the experimental sites.

Requirements for Students

and Prerequisite Courses

Experience with Linux, SAC, and GMT. Courses in math, geophysics, and seismology.