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Prof. Michel Campillo
Prof. Michel Campillo is a world-famous seismologist, one of pioneers in ambient noise seismology. He is now an professor at Université Joseph Fourier (since 1989). His recent works are mostly concerning the use of continuous seismic records of ambient noise or of diffuse waves for imaging at different scales : from the deep Earth to testing in the laboratory. He is particularly interested in the continuous monitoring of temporal variations of the elastic properties of the crust. He has received many prestigious rewards, including CNRS Silver Medal (2003), Gutenberg Lecturer of AGU (2012), Lorànd Eötvös Award (best paper award) European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (2009), Beno Gutenberg Medal, European Geosciences Union (2012), Humboldt Research Prize (2017), etc. He is a member of Institut Universitaire de France and an AGU fellow. He has published about 200 papers with more than 10,000 citations.
Joint geodetic and seismological studies of the slow slip process in the Guerrero gap (Mexico)

We present a study of the Guerrero gap in Mexico where the largest known slow slip events (SSEs) occured., We first analyze both geodetic and seismological data separately.  We discuss the characteristics of SSEs from geodetic data and of tremors and Low Frequency Events (LFEs) from seismological data. Finally we show that the combined use of the two types of data allow for detecting more slip transients and to demonstrate the intermittent behavior of slip during the large SSEs.