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Challenges in Seismic data processing

Dr. Lee Bell
Bell received his BA in Physics (1970) from the University of California, San Diego, and his MS (1973) and PhD (1977) in Geophysics from Stanford University. He subsequently became an employee of Mobil R&D in Dallas as a Research Geophysicist, before joining Digicon as a researcher and later managing director of the Aramco research group in 1981. He started a data processing company, Entropic Geophysical in 1984, with offices in California and Houston before merging it with Geosignal in Houston in 1991, where Bell served as VP of Technology. After Geosignal was acquired by Western Geophysical in 1998 Bell subsequently became President of the Geosignal Division, then VP of Technology for Western in 2000. With the formation of WesternGeco he managed the Reservoir Services division. Leaving to become the President of Geophysical Development in 2004, he later became the Chief Geophysicist of Geokinetics in 2007. Bell has served the SEG in a number of capacities, such as on the Board of SEG Global, Inc. the Chairman of the Steering Committee for the 2013 SEG Annual Meeting, and is the current SEG Treasurer.